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Free Summer Series Workshops

The Larimer SBDC is pleased to announce a series of 10 free business workshops to be held this summer on Fridays, from June 13-August 22, from 12-1:30 pm.

These workshops are designed to provide information that business owners, managers and employees can immediately apply to their business.

Please note: if you have difficulties registering for a class, just give us a call at 970-498-9295.


June 3

3 Steps to Awesome Collaborations
Adriana Friedlander, Rosabella Consulting, LLC

What if you could put the uncertainty aside and confidently pursue transformational, win-win collaborations? Leveraging collaborative partnerships is a great way to build your business, by harnessing the diverse talents of other professionals and organizations to work collectively towards a shared goal. You will walk away with a personalized game-plan for creating successful collaborations.


June 20

Will My Idea Make Money?
Nelia Harper, Business Consultant

Entrepreneurs go into business to make money on their business idea. But the reality is: most businesses fail. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to overcome the most common mistakes business owners make, understand how turn your idea into a business model, and have a process that will help you decide if you should pivot, proceed, or pack it in.


June 27

Rolestorming: A New Approach to Creativity and Problem Solving
Rick Griggs, Griggs Achievement

When ideas dry up and the old brainstorming tool no longer works try what MindTools calls one of the top creativity methods in the world. Use it to solve complex problems, with a partner to see the other side of an issue, or to move your team forward on a project or endeavor.


July 11

Community Building: Build an Engaged Online Audience Around Your Brand
Mackenzie Fogelson, MackWeb

Community building is not about social media. It's about people. It's about truly becoming a valuable brand and then building an engaged audience around it, both on and offline. Learn about three of the biggest building blocks of growing your online community.


July 18

Hiring Processes that "Fit" Your Business
Carrie Pinsky, Pink Sky Career Counseling

When it comes to successful hiring practices, one size does not fit all. This workshop is designed for small business owners who are ready to make their first new hire or to support those who are in need of reorganizing or transitioning existing staff in a positive manner.


July 25

Growing Your Business with the Power of Video
David Priest and Brenda Rundbeck
Shadow Play Films, Inc.

People love watching videos. Plain and simple, videos can tell more of a story quicker than printed words. And, entertainment and emotion reach people. Forecasts across the board show a continual growth in internet video consumption which translates to your potential audience growing by leaps and bounds. In this seminar, we will provide 10 great ways of how to use video to help you gain exposure and increase your traffic


August 1

Foodies Rule the Fort!
Panel Discussion on Bringing Food to Market
Henry Mouton, Rio Grande Restaurants
Chris Feuille, White Buffalo Kitchen
Michael Baute, Spring Kite Farm
Scott Hapner, Chef's Happy Gourmet

Whether you want to start a restaurant, farm, or create a food product to sell in stores, this panel discussion will provide insight into world of Foodies. Hear their stories and ask your questions of these successful foodies.

Learn from the successes and failures of those who have gone before you in creating a culture and business around food.


August 8

Raise Money, Build Community: Keys to Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns
Kristen Golliher, Wild Rock Marketing
McCabe Callahan, Community Funded

Fundraising and collaboration has transformed. Crowdfunding harnesses all of these ideas, giving companies, nonprofits, individuals and startups a way to personally ask for a helping hand and, in turn, give supporters an opportunity to back to what they're most passionate about. Learn the what, why and how behind successful crowdfunding campaigns.


August 15

Converting Clicks to Customers
Reu Smith, rfi Marketing

Let's face it, as a business owner there seems to be a disconnect between clicks on your website and customers engaging on your website. Learn the secrets of how to read your website analytics, understand critical design placement for your website, and be empowered to make intelligent decisions to increase your customer engagement on your website.


August 22

Building Your Business on a Deeper Purpose
Carl Dierschow, Small Business

You've been building up your business, delivering great products for your customers with great service. But what happened to those dreams you had when you first started out? We'll focus on how to bring out your deeper values through a well-designed business.


While the workshops are free, pre-registration is still required.  Just click on the links above to register.  If you run into problems, just give us a call at 970-498-9295.

Remember, additional parking is located behind the wooden fence just east of our building.

Light snacks and beverages will be provided and you are welcome to bring a lunch as well.