SBDC Template

Fort Collins Consultants

  • Amy Alcorn

    Amy Alcorn

    Social Media Marketing Specialist

  • Andrea Grant

    Andrea Grant

    Growth Development Strategist

  • Andy Meade

    Andy Meade

    Construction, Business Generalist

  • Bob Flynn

    Bob Flynn

    Transportation Specialist

  • Craig McBreen

    Craig McBreen

    Marketing Specialist

  • Curt Bear

    Curt Bear

    Financing, Business Planning

  • Dave Hudson

    Dave Hudson

    Retail Business Consultant

  • Emily Wilson

    Emily Wilson

    Marketing Specialist

  • Franklin Taggart

    Franklin Taggart

    Creative Consultant

  • Fred Burmont

    Fred Burmont

    Financials, Business Development

  • Greg Moore

    Greg Moore

    Marketing Specialist

  • Jeff Jensen

    Jeff Jensen

    Business Consultant

  • Jennifer Spencer

    Jennifer Spencer

    Inventions, Product Development

  • Jim Kelly

    Jim Kelly

    Marketing, Management and Sales

  • Jim McWilliams

    Jim McWilliams

    Franchises, Business Development

  • John Verderame

    John Verderame

    Restaurant Consultant

  • Kevin Lemasters

    Kevin Lemasters

    Service Business Consultant

  • Kristin McMahon

    Kristin McMahon

    General Consultant, Hablo Espanol

  • Lewis Hagler

    Lewis Hagler

    Colorado Enterprise Fund

  • Libby Lyons

    Libby Lyons

    Health and Wellness Consultant

  • Mike Forney

    Mike Forney

    Business Consultant

  • Molly Thompson

    Molly Thompson

    Business Librarian Consultant

  • Pavel Verbsky

    Pavel Verbsky

    Business Valuation Specialist

  • Peggy Lyle

    Peggy Lyle

    Creative Consultant

  • Sarah Scobey

    Sarah Scobey

    Non-Profit Business Consultant

  • Sari Kimbell

    Sari Kimbell

    Food Product Consultant

  • Scott Grant

    Scott Grant

    Established Business Consultant

  • Tiffany Helton

    Tiffany Helton

    Restaurant Consultant

  • Tina Todd

    Tina Todd

    Human Resources Specialist